Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I thought it would get easier

I have spent my entire mothering life going to incredible extremes to protect my children.

While I was pregnant, I was the one who purchased EVERY safety item on the safety item aisle in every baby store I entered.  That isn't fair to say.  The safety item fetish did not end after the babies were born; it intensified!  As an added bonus, each safety item purchase came with a free nightmare scenario.

What?  I need something to clamp the toilet lid closed?  True. True. They could slam their precious little fingers between the lid and seat.  It could fall on their head.  What if they tried to crawl in and fell head first into the bowl...?  

The chest tightens, I can't breathe, I buy two for each toilet.

The children have safely made it out of infancy, toddler-hood, preschool, and I have even had my first-born actually not only make it out of elementary school but she  is successfully navigating through her first year and a half of middle school and my second is almost through elementary school.

I have faith that my children belong to God and He will keep them and protect them.  I also know that of all the things which have kept me awake at night and all of the things which have kept me in a state of turmoil are not usually the things which have happened.  I have been absolutely blind-sided by the unexpected.  I think this God's way of trying to remind me that they are His children and He is in control.

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