Monday, March 25, 2013

It really takes your breath away...

My daughter, in her amazing ability to keep me on my toes, has decided to develop asthma.

She did this on purpose just to irritate me.  Thirteen year old girls are known for testing their mother's love and mothers are known for loving their little girls no matter what.  I just wish she had chosen a battle over wearing make up or long dangle earrings rather than causing the medical community to collectively shrug their shoulders.

The little girl has always had issues with her sinuses and ear infections.  It took many years to get the doctors to agree to allergy shots.  Then the diagnosis of asthma was conferred upon her within a year of being treated by the allergist.  Her symptoms picked the absolute worst time to really flare up; mere weeks before she was scheduled to be on a bus, half a continent away, for her eighth grade class trip to Washington, DC.

On average, I was called to the school two or three days a week in the time leading up to that trip.  I would take her directly to her allergist, she would receive treatment, and I would take her back to school and return back to work.  One Saturday night we spent in the emergency room.

It started to become apparent that some of the asthma issue was anxiety.  I said, "well of course!"  She is upset that she can't catch her breath and she never knows when she is going to feel like she can't breathe.  It can't be anything to do with me, right?

I was sure that it had nothing to do with every conversation with my daughter starting to be like this:

Me:   How do you feel?

J:   Fine.

Me:   Are you sure?  How do you feel in your chest?  Is it tight?  Are you breathing deep?  When was the last time you had to use your rescue inhaler?  Are you sure?  Did you breathe it in deep enough?

J:   (silent)

Me:   Why don't you JUST RELAX AND BREATHE?

So, clearly we had a problem.  I needed to take care of my baby.  I needed to go "mama bear."

I signed us up for yoga.

Obviously, I was in full mommy melt down because I had convinced myself that yoga will teach her to breathe through an asthma attack.

Just like Lamaze helped me breathe through labor.

Yoga was and still is awesome.  We really enjoy our mother-daughter time together.  Just like when I asked her if I looked as silly as I thought I did doing some of the poses.  She replied, "you look sillier."

That one took me a minute.

She made it through DC.  Well, she made it until the last day.  I did get that one phone call with the teacher on the other end in that tone of voice that is trying to stay calm but really is not at all calm.  "Your daughter has been quite the trooper but now we have to decide if we should take her to the hospital or not."

Now I can't breathe.  Even with all of my extensive yoga AND Lamaze classes; I still can't breathe.

Yes, if you think she needs to go to the hospital please take her to the hospital.  I am in Florida.  You are in Washington, DC.  I can't see her.  Is her response to your questioning a snort of derision?  If she can still do that then she is fine.  If she is slumped over on a bench and not participating with the group then maybe she needs something else. 

The awesome teachers were able to get her breathing under control and she was absolutely fine and is absolutely fine.  She didn't need hospitalization and I am so grateful to God that she was able to have a great trip until that last day.  Even then her happy attitude didn't let her get upset.  She is not one to dwell on the negative and she is usually able to find the bright side.  Some days I think that I learn more from the kids then I can teach them!  Both her and her brother are always able to find that bright spot, the good times, and be happy about those.  They have a wonderful spirit that I am so blessed to have in my life.

I am truly honored and privileged to be their mom.  I thank God that He is allowing me to be on this journey with these kids.

Inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale...

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